Meet Our 16 COPY

  • Meet the beauties behind BLK/OPL®

    Meet the beauties behind BLK/OPL®



    16 real women who bring BLK/OPL to life. From the manufacturing line to the corporate office. In true-to-hue shades from Kalahari Sand to Ebony Brown. Authentic statements. Culturally diverse. Globally represented. In True Color.

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  • Stephany
    Kalahari Sand

    I define my beauty as Powerful and Confident.
    Makeup to me means power. People put on a suit and feel powerful. I feel that when I put makeup on it gives me confidence and power to take on the day.

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  • emeli
    Heavenly Honey

    I define my beauty as Confident.
    Makeup contributes to my emotional health because it improves my self-esteem. It brings out my creative sides and makes me very confident. I love it!

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  • sydney
    rich caramel

    My beauty elevates the Queen in Me.
    Makeup makes me feel confident and strong. I look like a queen. As long as you stay true to yourself, you will always be beautiful and timeless.

    Meet Sydney shop shade range
  • Khadija
    Truly Topaz

    I define my beauty as Skin-deep.
    Beauty to me is more than what I see when I look in the mirror. Of course, looks matter but it's about how I feel, how I carry myself, how confident I am. Makeup brings out the fierce in me.

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  • Dornella
    Warm Almond

    My Beauty has No Limit.
    When I wear makeup, I feel fierce, I feel beautiful, I feel strong, I feel ambitious, I feel like I can do anything!

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  • Catherine

    I define my beauty as Self-Acceptance.
    Seeing myself with makeup on was surprising. I was shocked that the person in those professional pictures was me. That was an empowering moment. It was great!

    Meet Catherine shop shade range
  • ilyasha

    I define my beauty as Strong and Smart.
    I am a very strong and intelligent person. I love makeup because it highlights the beauty of women. When I put makeup on and look at myself, I can see how it highlights my beauty. I feel more confident and beautiful.

    Meet Ilyasha shop shade range
  • Ingrid
    Beautiful Bronze

    I define my beauty as Owning my Power.
    Beauty for me is a form of empowerment, finding who you are through your own power. Makeup makes me feel confident, glam and chic. I feel like I represent many other girls and women that look like me.

    Meet Ingrid shop shade range
  • keisha

    I define my beauty as a Variation of Myself.
    Everyone comes in different shape, form, size. I draw my beauty inspiration from everyone. I dress it up, make it natural, theatrical, dramatic… and as I age makeup also means covering some difficult spots and enhancing the beautiful parts.

    Meet Keisha shop shade range
  • Jennifer
    Au Chocolat

    I define my beauty as Being Uniquely Me.
    Beauty is about being your own individuality. Makeup enhances your beauty & everyone has their natural beauty in their own unique way. Whether a tomboy, gay, lesbian, whatever, as a woman you don't have to fit into any box. Every girl isn't the same. Just be your uniquely you.

    Meet Jennifer shop shade range
  • Michelle
    Toasted Chestnut

    I define my beauty as Vibrant and Alive.
    Makeup brings confidence and it radiates through my smile, my poses. That confidence makes me feel beautiful and accept that it's ok to get out of my comfort zone.

    Meet Michelle shop shade range
  • Jamilah

    I define my beauty as Joyful and Carefree.
    My beauty is effortless, timeless and a blessing. Finding makeup is not always easy for darker skins because you have different pigment levels but finding the right shades is a confidence booster for sure. My beauty exudes sexy, care free, and it's a very good feeling.

    Meet Jamilah shop shade range
  • Kenya
    Sweet Espresso

    I define my beauty as being Comfortable in My Own Skin.
    Finding makeup that fits my skin shade is difficult. It is a combination of knowing your undertones and all over shade. I like makeup that is very breathable, light on my skin and makes me feel natural.

    Meet Kenya shop shade range
  • Audra
    Suede Mocha

    I define my beauty as Ageless and Empowered.
    Makeup makes me feel confident and ageless. Looking at myself with my hair and makeup done, I feel like "Wow I'm looking good!" I'm a nice and kinda cute looking girl.

    Meet Audra shop shade range
  • Jacklyn
    Black Walnut

    I define beauty as staying True to Myself.
    Beauty is internal. You have to have confidence to be able to do what you have to do on a daily basis, not through other people's eyes but more within yourself. Wearing makeup makes me feel bolder, daring, very open and free willing.

    Meet Jacklyn shop shade range
  • Nene
    Ebony Brown

    I define my beauty as Daring.
    Makeup enhances your beauty. I'd encourage women my complexion to not only wear the right foundation, but also get out of the box and try bold, bright colors. Contrary to what I thought, they work well with our deep complexions.

    Meet Nene shop shade range
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