Next In Line

Create 3 A-List Looks with our 2 fabulous liners:

  • 1 - The Feline Wing
  • 2 - The Graphic Wing
  • 3 - The Double Wing
BLK/OPL Colorsplurge™ automatic eye lining pencil
BLK/OPL Colorsplurge™ prescision definer
The Feline Wing
Create a standard cat eye on your top lash line.
Draw and extend a solid line down the inner corners of your eyes.
Glide the pencil down your bottom lash line connecting the inner corner of the eye and the extended wing.
The Graphic Wing
Create a bold cat eye on your top lash line covering your crease.
Draw a thin line above and parallel to your lash line.
Add a single dot slightly further than the tip of the wing on either side (or both for a symmetrical look).
The Double Wing
Draw a bold cat eye along your upper lid and extend the wing upwards and out.
Draw a second wing on the outer corner of the lower lash line.
Pro Tip:

Make sure your pencils are well sharpened for more precision.