Our Story


Since 1994, BLK/OPL has been a leader in developing skincare and makeup for women of color that understands their unique skin needs- from hyperpigmentation to oil control to shade matching. And now, with two women of color you can expect even more. BLK/OPL promises to continue to upgrade its ingredients, look for innovative ways to engage consumers and provide multiple retailers for added convenience.
Our Story.


BLK/OPL has focused exclusively on skincare and makeup for darker skin tones over 25 years. Recently purchased by Desiree Rogers and Cheryl Mayberry McKissack the brand is now focused on clean, innovative products developed exclusively for skin rich in melanin.

As a Black and women-owned company, BLK/OPL has a different approach to beauty. We believe Beauty is smart, unique, fun, easy and real. We hope that you will join the community we are building and experience beauty where you are.

Beauty is Smart. We believe in self-awareness. We are confident in our skin and understand the value and importance of our lives. We care about cruelty-free, plant-friendly beauty, and know that living within our means doesn’t sacrifice quality. We have introduced a vegan skincare line and have reduced the number of boxed products in the line.

Beauty is Unique. We believe in embracing the perfection of our imperfections and celebrating what makes us different. We trust our guts and our curiosity leads us boldly. We push our manufacturers to create the most heavily pigmented products in the market to ensure a wide range of darker skin tones have access to offerings that work.

Beauty is Fun. We believe in joy, creativity, discovery, therapy, and a community of beauty. We know what works well for us, but still love to experiment with bold, new ways to express ourselves. We do so fearlessly without permission. We have recently launched a series of new eyeshadow palettes from Haute Heat to Fairy Glam Muva, all under $14.95.

Beauty is Easy. We believe in convenience and simplicity. Whether it’s a 5-step face, or multi-use products with sharp, clear packaging, we praise the power of effortless essentials. Our new blemish control and exfoliating soaps are new winners and promise to give you a natural glow all with natural ingredients developed by our AA partner, Dr. Caroline Robinson, illuminating in one easy step.

Beauty is Real. We believe in putting your best face forward—and paying it forward. There is value in sharing our beauty secrets, empowering others, advocating for kindness and the sanctity of sisterhood. We recently supported the first AA Mayor of Chicago by donating $100,000 in an effort to support her initiative for small business entrepreneurs in Chicago. Investment in the community is who we are.

Our Owners.


The community we create for is our own: We hear you, we see you, we are you. As encouragers and essential partners in the beauty process, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, high-performing products that bring out the best in your melanin—meaning rich colors that pop on your skin and Shade ID™ technology that delivers true-to-tone hues. Every product is developed for us, by us and is always under $20.

We champion diversity, inclusion, advocacy, sustainability and accessibility through every step of the process—including our internal team, vendors, ambassadors, makeup artists, models and the organizations we support. As we grow, we’ll keep uplifting and partnering with the very women and BIPOC creatives, entrepreneurs, business professionals and artists that inspire us. Including our Brand Ambassador Ryan Destiny, who is leading a groundbreaking community activation later this year, empowering women and girls to meet their destiny. We want our BLK/OPL community to see not only the beauty in themselves but also their collective power, impact and potential.

The future of the #BLKBeautyMovement is much bigger than us, and we’re here for it. We hope you’ll join us in creating it.

Our Commitment.