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Fashion Fair turned to Karyn Pettigrew, the founder of ZoeGoes, for time-saving fashionable packing tips and travel beauty essentials.


Many of us are postponing major travel plans but still plan to be on the move even if it is just a weekend getaway by car! We caught up with packing expert, Karyn Pettigrew, to understand her travel tips designed to deliver maximal results and glamour. Read on to learn more about her beauty and fashion essentials and why mediocre pieces should never make it into your luggage.

It’s been a while since we have traveled regularly! Whether you’re heading home to visit family or doing a weekend getaway, if you are any- thing like us, trying to get your packing groove back is no easy task.


Everyone needs to de-stress, so we turned to designer, entrepreneur and packing pro Karyn to get her top tips. . She makes packing fun by routinely condensing all of her essentials into a single bag and looking fabulously fresh no matter how many days she’s away. Karyn has channeled her genius as founder and CEO of 1 Bag Travel Warrior and its signature clothing brand ZoeGoes. The fashion collection is a sustainably made, multi-functional, six-piece wardrobe capsule designed for seamless packing.

To get ahead on travel planning, we sat down with Karyn to get tips on minimal packing for clothing and beauty products—to maximize looks for every occasion.

You embraced this idea of effortless traveling after missing a connecting flight while traveling internationally. How did that experience shape the way you pack?

Karyn Pettigrew: It changed everything. I was coming back from Spain and got stuck in London, and it dawned on me that if I had just had a carry-on bag, I would have been able to wheel myself straight through to the next security gate after customs. So, I started thinking, how can I travel with fewer pieces?

It’s safe to say travel is presenting new challenges post-COVID. For example, previous non-stop flights may now have connections, which is changing how people pack. Do you apply this effortless traveling mindset to your beauty products as well?

Karyn Pettigrew: There’s no question. Everything is vetted before it hits the bag. The BLK/OPL Even True Blemish Control Bar is a great travel cleanser because it’s solid, so I don’t have to worry about the liquid issue. I also always travel with my Fashion Fair SKINFLEX Stick. It’s easy to grab and go and pair with one or two of the FF Iconic Lipsticks. Then you’ve got your daytime essential and something that can jazz up your evening look. My favorites are Coy and Rebel.

What essentials are your go-tos? What would you reach for when traveling across the country but still wanting to get glammed up?

Karyn Pettigrew: My absolute minimum on the makeup side would be a clear gloss that’s got some sparkle or the Lip Oil from BLK/OPL. If you took one lipstick, you could apply the oil over it and get a second look. Liner and mascara for sure. The BLK/OPL Precision Eye Definers and BLK/OPL COLORSPLURGE™ Super Volumizing Mascara are a great duo.

We love the tip of using your liner to do your brows. Any other suggestions for products you like to pack?

Karyn Pettigrew: The other trick is a good palette with a range of tones. The BLK/OPL True Melanin 12 Well Eyeshadow Palette has a ton of warm colors, so you can just swipe across the eye or cheek, and you’re good to go. The BLK/OPL BLK Mermaid 12 Well Eyeshadow Palette has blue, green and purple shades in it as well, giving you a pop of evening colors. I usually choose one of these. 

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How do you embrace effortless traveling when it comes to fashion?

Karyn Pettigrew: When I designed my line, ZoeGoes, I made it so that you could have the diversity of mixing and matching. If you wear the shirt and the skirt in the same color, it looks like a dress. If you wear the top and the pants in the same color, it can look like a single jumpsuit. Now, just pick your jewelry carefully! If you have a killer piece of jewelry, that’s all you need. We often underestimate the use of accessories.

Very similar to makeup, you put a base on and then pop it with color to create a single mood or transition.

Karyn Pettigrew: That’s right. It is easier than it seems. It just requires a little bit of upfront work. Then once you’ve identified what those pieces are, it’s so much easier the next time you go to do it. My other secret: Have you ever used luggage cubes? They help you organize everything inside your suitcase. I highly recommend grabbing some of those and practicing with them because it helps organize your suitcase in a whole other way. It’s super-efficient and really practical.

Those are the best! What wardrobe staples are most essential when packing your luggage cubes?

Karyn Pettigrew: Scarves are the magical element because you can do so many things with them. A black and white t-shirt and a good multi-use sweater. Pants with pockets and an elastic waistband. Wrap tops. Anything that gives me a sense of fashion and flair, but with functionality.

What’s your biggest piece of advice when trying to pack with a minimalist perspective?

Karyn Pettigrew: Don’t take mediocre pieces with you. Take the ones you  love wearing. Go to your closet and find a favorite piece that can be worn over and over that’s got the flexibility. That’s what the ZoeGoes line does. It creates a canvas with great neutrals. And you can have a lot of fun with it because there’s a really interesting challenge in peeling it back.



No matter what pieces make it into your carry-on, a look that makes you feel confident is the best accessory. Pack an oil-free, true-tone, radiant complexion with your Fashion Fair SKINFLEX Stick favorites or refresh your routine with some of the new BLK/OPL Eye Products— bolder hues are perfect for making a statement.

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